Each physical network interface available to the UAFX Application shall be represented as an instance of IetfBaseNetworkInterfaceType in the NetworkInterfaces Folder defined in OPC 1000022. All VLAN interfaces attached to these physical network interfaces shall be represented as defined in OPC 1000022. A UAFX Station shall at least provide the default VLAN interface with the BrowseName as defined in Table 2 and a HasLowerLayerInterface reference to the respective physical network for each of these physical network interfaces. If the VlanId value has not been explicitly configured for this default VLAN interface, the VlanId shall assume the value defined in Table 2.

Table 2 – Default VLAN interface values


VlanId (default)



Note: The BrowseName of the default VLAN interface in Table 2 starts with the physical interface that this VLAN interface is associated with and ends with the interface label “uafx-vlan” separated by a dot (“.”). “<physical-interface>” in Table 2 is a placeholder for the BrowseName (e.g., “eth0”) of the associated physical interface. This composition ensures the uniqueness of the default VLAN interface BrowseName in UAFX Stations with multiple network interfaces.