The ConnectionConfigurationSetType is an ObjectType representing one or more Connection configurations. Connections are grouped in a set, for example, to allow sharing communication model configurations by multiple Connections; see and for appropriate use cases.

ConnectionConfigurationSets are generated and deployed to the ConnectionManager (see Figure 11 label 3). The ConnectionManager may expose the ConnectionConfigurationSet in its AddressSpace.

If a ConnectionConfigurationSet is exposed in the AddressSpace, its representation serves two purposes: making Connection configurations available for modification by standard Clients (see Figure 11 label 4) and providing an interface to trigger the processing of such Connection configurations.

A ConnectionConfigurationSet may only be modified by a standard Client as follows:

With these mechanisms, the generator of the ConnectionConfigurationSet is able to specify and restrict the allowed changes.

For an overview of the ConnectionConfigurationSetType with its related types, see Figure 35. For examples, see Annex E.

The ConnectionConfigurationSetType is illustrated in Figure 37.


Figure 37 – ConnectionConfigurationSetType illustration