If CommandMask VerifyFunctionalEntityCmd is set, the EstablishConnections implementation shall execute the FunctionalEntityType Verify Method for each element in ConnectionEndpointConfigurations with a non-empty ExpectedVerificationVariables array. For elements with an empty ExpectedVerificationVariables array, the VerificationStatus shall be set to Good_NoData, VerificationResult to NotSet, and VerificationVariablesErrors to an empty array. The Method shall be called on the FunctionalEntity identified by FunctionalEntityNode, supplying the ExpectedVerificationVariables as Method Argument.

The StatusCode returned by the Verify Method shall be stored in VerificationStatus, and the values of its output Arguments VerificationResult and VerificationVariablesErrors in VerificationResult and VerificationVariablesErrors (see 10.15).

If the FunctionalEntityNode was not found, the VerificationVariablesErrors shall be set to an empty array, and the VerificationResult shall be set to Mismatch.

Once all array processing is complete, if any one of the following conditions applies:

the EstablishConnections implementation shall abort the processing of subsequent commands as described in

The possible StatusCodes for the FunctionalEntityNodeResult are formally defined in Table 11. The possible StatusCodes for VerificationStatus are formally defined in Table 42. The possible StatusCodes for VerificationVariablesErrors are formally defined in Table 43.