This use case, illustrated in Figure 12, describes a single logical connection between two FunctionalEntities located on the AutomationComponents A and B, each containing a Publisher, a Subscriber, and a single PubSubConnectionEndpoint. Both FunctionalEntities could be publishing data (bidirectional connection), or only one could be publishing data while the other publishes a heartbeat (unidirectional connection with heartbeat).


Figure 12 – Single Connection using unicast network messages

Figure 12 illustrates the logical connection between the two FunctionalEntities FE_A1 and FE_B1. Each FunctionalEntity contains a PubSubConnectionEndpoint (Con_A1 and Con_B1), which references a DataSetReader and DataSetWriter.

The PubSub instances are configured to exchange data between AutomationComponents AC_A and AC_B using unicast NetworkMessages.