The LoadDataSet Method loads the dataset to the underlying system after having validated that (a) the dataset is complete when IsCompleteDataset is True and (b) the dataset is valid.

When the validation is not passed, then the data set is not loaded to the underlying system rolling back any data change and a specific message shall be returned via ExecutionFeedback.

For detailed validation diagnostics, the Method ValidateDataSet shall be invoked.

The signature of this Method is specified below. Table 46 specifies the Arguments representation.


LoadDataSet (

[in] DataSetType DataSet,

[in] Boolean IsCompleteDataSet,

[out] MethodExecutionFeedbackType ExecutionFeedback);

Table 46 – LoadDataSet Method Arguments




The dataset to be transferred to the underlying system.


When true, the DataSet argument is a complete dataset, meaning all DataSet entries are included.


The extended feedback returning a detailed message in case of execution failure.