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Logbook events are fired by the machine module for the documentation of relevant changes in the machine configuration/status.

Table 51 – LogbookEvent Type Definition

Attribute Value        
BrowseName LogBookEventType        
IsAbstract True        
References Node Class BrowseName DataType TypeDefinition Modelling Rule
Subtype of BaseEventType defined in OPC 10000-5.          
HasSubType ObjectType ControlModeChangeLogType Defined in 6.19.2    
HasSubType ObjectType DataSetChangeLogType Defined in 6.19.3    
HasSubType ObjectType DefectDetectedLogType Defined in 6.19.4    
HasSubType ObjectType DefectDetectionSensorDisabledLogType Defined in 6.19.5    
HasSubType ObjectType DowntimeLogType Defined in 6.19.6    
HasSubType ObjectType GoodOutputProducedLogType Defined in 6.19.7    
HasSubType ObjectType LoadingPointIsUnloadedLogType Defined in 6.19.8    
HasSubType ObjectType MachineModuleSpecificationChangeLogType Defined in 6.19.9    
HasSubType ObjectType MaterialIsConsumedLogType Defined in 6.19.10    
HasSubType ObjectType MaterialRejectedLogType Defined in 6.19.11    
HasSubType ObjectType MaterialRejectionTrapDisasbledLogType Defined in 6.19.12    
HasSubType ObjectType MaterialUnloadingIsRequiredLogType Defined in 6.19.13    
HasSubType ObjectType NewSystemDumpIsGeneratedLogType Defined in 6.19.14    
HasSubType ObjectType POChangeLogType Defined in 6.19.15    
HasSubType ObjectType RootCauseListChangeLogType Defined in 6.19.16    
HasSubType ObjectType StateChangeLogType Defined in 6.19.18    
HasSubType ObjectType StopReasonListChangeLogType Defined in 6.19.19    
HasSubType ObjectType IntegrityRejectedMaterialLogType Defined in 6.19.20    
HasSubType ObjectType NewPresentedMaterialLogType Defined in 6.19.21    
HasSubType ObjectType ProductionLogType Defined in 6.19.22    

The LogbookEventType is abstract. There will be no instances of a LogbookEventType itself, but there will be instances of its sub-types.

With several subtypes detailed information on the changes are provided.

NOTE: The EventSource (Node which creates the event), Time and a Message are already included in the BaseEventType of OPC UA.

Server shall implement buffering and historization of events, accessible by client via the OPC UA service history read.

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