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The ScaleEventType and the ScaleAlarmType both contain the NotificationId to identify the event or alarm. Annex C contains all events and alarms defined in this specification. If possible, scales must use these events/alarms. The NotificationId contains the properties EnumValue and ValueAsText (inherit from the MultiStateValueDiscreteType) which contain the value and a short 0:String of the avaliable NotificationIds. This can be a subset of all NotificationIds descripted in Annex C. Additonal NotificationIds can be defined vendor-specific. The value of the EnumValue for vendor-specific NotificationIds must be greater than 5000. Each vendor can use an additional ID (vendor-specific NotificationId) to transmit the vendor-specific Id

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AuxParameters is an additional text of the event. In the text it is used for the placeholders in the message to the alarm.

HelpSource is a source for additional help information.

NotificationCategory provides the category of the notification. It is used to distinguish if the message is representing an internal event, an information, a dialogue message, an error, a warning, a state or an acknowledgement. Annex C contains all NotificationCategory defined in this specification.

NotificationId provides a unique identifier for the event. Annex C contains all ids defined in this specification.

VendorNotificationId is a unique vendor-specific identifier for the event.

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