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Table 18 – ScaleDeviceType Definition

Attribute Value
BrowseName ScaleDeviceType
IsAbstract True

Subtype of the ComponentType defined in OPC 10000-100

References NodeClass BrowseName DataType TypeDefinition ModellingRule
0:HasProperty Variable AllowedEngineeringUnits 0:EUInformation[] 0:PropertyType Optional
0:HasComponent Method ClearTare     Optional
0:HasComponent Variable CurrentWeight WeightType WeightItemType Mandatory
0:HasComponent Object ListOfWeighingRanges   WeighingRangeElementType MandatoryPlaceholder
0:HasProperty Variable MaterialClass 0:LocalizedText 0:PropertyType Optional
0:HasProperty Variable ProcessStateId 0:String 0:PropertyType Optional
0:HasProperty Variable ProcessStateMessage 0:LocalizedText 0:PropertyType Optional
0:HasComponent Object ProductionPreset   ProductionPresetType Optional
0:HasComponent Variable RegisteredWeight WeightType WeightItemType Optional
0:HasComponent Method RegisterWeight     Optional
0:HasComponent Method SetPresetTare     Optional
0:HasComponent Method SetTare     Optional
0:HasComponent Method SetZero     Optional
0:HasComponent Object SubDevices   2:ConfigurableObjectType Optional
The following nodes are override from ComponentType and the Modelling Rule change to Mandatory          
0:HasProperty Variable 2:DeviceClass   0:PropertyType Mandatory
0:HasProperty Variable 2:HardwareRevision   0:PropertyType Mandatory
0:HasProperty Variable 2:Manufacturer   0:PropertyType Mandatory
0:HasProperty Variable 2:Model   0:PropertyType Mandatory
0:HasProperty Variable 2:SerialNumber   0:PropertyType Mandatory
0:HasProperty Variable 2:SoftwareRevision   0:PropertyType Mandatory

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