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Adds a zone to the zone array. The signature of this Method is specified below. Table 41 and Table 42 specify the Arguments and AddressSpace representation, respectively.


[in]	LocalizedText	ZoneName
[in]	Double			LowerLimit
[in]	Double			UpperLimit
[in]	EUInformation	EngineeringUnits
[out]	NodeId			ZoneNodeId);

Table 41 – AddZone Method Arguments

Argument Description
ZoneName User-readable name of the zone
LowerLimit Lower weight limit of this zone. The lower limit is prior to the upper limit if two zones are beside eacht other
UpperLimit Upper weight limit of this zone
EngineeringUnits Unit of the Lower and the UpperLimit. The two Limits must have the same unit
ZoneNodeId NodeId of the created Object

Table 42 – AddZone Method AddressSpace definition

Attribute Value
BrowseName AddZone
References NodeClass BrowseName DataType TypeDefinition ModellingRule
0:HasProperty Variable InputArguments Argument[] 0:PropertyType Mandatory
0:HasProperty Variable OutputArguments Argument[] 0:PropertyType Mandatory

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