The SafetyProviderLevel is the SIL the SafetyProvider implementation (hardware & software) is capable of.

Table 37 – Coding for the SafetyProviderLevel_ID


Value of SafetyProviderLevel_ID



[RQ7.17] Exactly one of the values provided in Table 37 shall be used as constant code value for SafetyProviderLevel_ID. They were chosen in such a way that the hamming distance becomes maximal (hamming distance of 21).

[RQ7.18] Measures shall be taken to avoid that a SafetyProvider is erroneously using a code-value belonging to a SIL that is higher than the SIL it is capable of. For instance, a SafetyProvider capable of SIL1-3 should not be able to accidently use the value 0xAB47F33B used for SIL4. One way to achieve this is to avoid that this constant appears in the source code of the SafetyProvider at all.

The SafetyProviderLevel is independent to the SIL capability of the provided SafetyData, see 3.1.