[RQ8.2] SafetyData shall contain the safety-related application data transmitted from the SafetyProvider to the SafetyConsumer. It may comprise multiple basic OPC UA variables (see Clause 6.4). For the sake of reducing distinctions of cases, SafetyData shall always be a structure, even if it contains a single basic OPC UA variable, only.

For the calculation of the CRC Signature, the order in which this data is processed by the calculation is important. SafetyProvider and SafetyConsumer must agree upon the number, type and order of application data transmitted in SafetyData. The sequence of SafetyData is fixed.

NOTE SafetyData may contain qualifier bits for a fine-grained activation of fail-safe substitute values. For a valid process value, the respective qualifier is set to 1 (good), whereas the value 0 (bad) is used for invalid values. Invalid process values are replaced by a fail-safe substitute value in the consumer’s safety application. See Clause 5.3.