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[RQ7.2] Each SafetyProvider shall implement the parameters as shown in Table 11 which can be set via the SPI. The mechanisms for setting these parameters are vendor specific.

Table 14 – SPI of the SafetyProvider

Identifier Type Range Note
SafetyBaseID GUID See GUID Base-ID of the SafetyProvider, which is normally used, see Clause 3.2.25. and Clause 11.1.1.
For dynamic systems, the safety application program can overwrite this ID by providing a non-zero value at the input SafetyBaseID of the SafetyProvider’ s SAPI.
SafetyProviderID UInt32 1 - 0xFFFFFFFF Provider-ID of the SafetyProvider, see Clause 3.2.26 and Clause 11.1.1.
SafetyStructureSignature UInt32 1 – 0xFFFFFFFF Signature of the SafetyData structure, for calculation see Clause

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