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This method (as part of the OPC UA Mapper) is provided for each SafetyProvider serving as a diagnostic interface, see Clause 9.2.


ReadSafetyDiagnostics (
[out]	UInt32	InSafetyConsumerID 	[out]	UInt32	InMonitoringNumber
[out]	Byte	InFlags
[out]	Structure	OutSafetyData
[out]	Byte	OutFlags
[out]	UInt32	OutSPDU_ID_1
[out]	UInt32	OutSPDU_ID_2
[out]	UInt32	OutSPDU_ID_3
[out]	UInt32	OutSafetyConsumerID
[out]	UInt32	OutMonitoringNumber
[out]	UInt32	OutCRC
[out]	Structure	OutNonSafetyData)

Table 11 – ReadSafetyDiagnostics Method Arguments

Argument Description
InSafetyConsumerID see Table 9
InMonitoringNumber see Table 9
InFlags see Table 9
OutSafetyData see Table 9
OutFlags see Table 9
OutSPDU_ID_1 see Table 9
OutSPDU_ID_2 see Table 9
OutSPDU_ID_3 see Table 9
OutSafetyConsumerID see Table 9
OutMonitoringNumber see Table 9
OutCRC see Table 9
OutNonSafetyData see Table 9

Table 12 – ReadSafetyDiagnostics Method AddressSpace definition

Attribute Value
BrowseName ReadSafetyDiagnostics
References NodeClass BrowseName DataType TypeDefinition ModellingRule
HasProperty Variable OutputArguments Argument[] PropertyType Mandatory

[RQ6.7] Instances of SafetyProviderType shall use non-abstract DataTypes for the arguments OutSafetyData and OutNonSafetyData.

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