The chess board is an own object (extended with the SpatialObjectType Addin) and is geometrically described with

  • its position regarding the attach-point of the table (TableCorner) by its PositionFrame.We assume that the chess board can be moved to another object (e.g. another table), so ConstantBase of the PositionFrame of the Chessboard is False.We assume that the chess board can be displaced on this table, so the Constant of this frame is False.

And the chess board can be brought in relationship to any other object, so the ConstantBase of this frame is False. So, if this chess board should be only moved on the table it might be hard related the table corner, so the ConstantBase would be True.

  • possible attach-points of the chess board. All field center positions (red coordinate systems on the right picture in Figure 14) can be described individually (xxCenterAP frames in Figure 15 where xx indicates the field number).

based on the common coordinate system of the chess board (green coordinate system which is described by the chess board PositionFrame relative to the table corner)


Figure 14 – Table with chessboard containing fields


Figure 15 – Table with chessboard modelled as per the RSL concept