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It is necessary to synchronize the dosing between IMM and LSR dosing systems. This can be done via a separate interfaces e.g. via hardwired signals or also via OPC UA (if the process is robust against small time delays that can be caused by the client/server-connection)

With ActivateRemoteControl the client selects the method of remote control. If the server provides only on method for remote control, the other one is not listed in the possible values of the MultiStateValueDiscreteType.

Table 14 – Values for ActivateRemoteControl and RemoteControlActivated

EnumValue ValueAsText Description
0 OFF Remote control / automatic mode switched off.
1 SEPARATE_INTERFACE Activating automatic mode on LDS and using a separate interface from the injection moulding machine for remote control
2 OPC_UA Activating automatic mode on LDS and using this OPC UA connection with the method StartDosing for remote control

A server can provide manufacturer specific values with EnumValues ≥ 100.

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