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With the objects DeliveryPressure and DeliverPressureMeasuringPoint the client can set (and monitor) the delivery pressure of the LDS. Both are optional, but the two elements shall always be used together.

For systems with DeliveryPressure the components ActualValue, SetValue, UpperTolerance and LowerTolerance defined in the ControlledParameterType are mandatory. If the upper or lower tolerance band is passed it is documented in the ErrorStatus.

Unit: bar or psi (=lbf/in²)

The variable DeliveryPressureMeasuringPoint represents the position of the pressure sensor used for the DeliveryPressure. As some LSR dosing systems support the selection of the position, the Property can be writeable. Therefore, the TypeDefinition is MultiStateValueDiscreteType, so the Properties EnumValues and ValueAsText must be filled with the supported values out of Table 11.

Table 11 – Values for PressureMeasuringPoint

EnumValue ValueAsText Description
0 PUMP_A Pressure sensor position pump A
1 PUMP_B Pressure sensor position pump B
2 BLENDER Pressure sensor position blender
3 MANUAL Pressure is manually adjusted

A server can provide manufacturer specific values with EnumValues ≥ 100.

NOTE: The actual pressure for each component (for monitoring) is included in the ComponentType and the cyclic events.

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