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The MachineMESStatus Object represents the current status of the injection moulding machine related to the MES. The MachineMESStatusType is defined in OPC 40083.

The Object can generate Events of MessageConditionType which includes a Classification Property. For injection moulding machines, the IMMMessageClassificationEnumeration defined in Table 2 shall be used (also in the related logbook event).

Table 2 – IMMMessageClassificationEnumeration Definition

Name Value Description  
    Indication which machine part has caused the message  
    machine part
OTHER 0 This state is used if none of the other entries below apply.  
IMM_INJECTION_UNIT 100 Injection moulding machine injection unit
IMM_CLAMPING_UNIT 101 Injection moulding machine clamping unit
IMM_HARDWARE 102 Injection moulding machine hardware
IMM_COMPRESSED_AIR_CONTROL 103 Injection moulding machine compressed air control
IMM_MACHINE_MONITORING 104 Injection moulding machine machine monitoring
IMM_MOULD 105 Injection moulding machine mould
IMM_EJECTOR 106 Injection moulding machine ejector
IMM_CORE_PULL 107 Injection moulding machine core pull
IMM_TABLE 108 Injection moulding machine table
IMM_INJECTION_PROGRAM 109 Injection moulding machine injection program
IMM_HYDRAULIC_TEMPERATURE_CONTROL 110 Injection moulding machine temperature control hydraulic
IMM_CYLINDER_TEMPERATURE_CONTROL 111 Injection moulding machine cylinder temperature control
IMM_MOULD_TEMPERATURE_CONTROL 112 Injection moulding machine mould temperature control
IMM_HOT_RUNNER 113 Injection moulding machine hot runner
IMM_INTERFACES 114 Injection moulding machine interfaces
IMM_MEASURING_SYSTEM 115 Injection moulding machine measuring system
IMM_ROBOTIC_SYSTEM_INTERFACE 116 Injection moulding machine robotic system interface
IMM_SPECIAL_PURPOSE_SIGNALS 117 Injection moulding machine special purpose signals
IMM_REAL_TIME_ETHERNET_SYSTEM 118 Injection moulding machine real-time Ethernet system (Varan, Ethercat, ProfiNET, … )
IMM_MACHINE_CONTROLLER 119 Injection moulding machine machine controller
IMM_SOFTWARE_MONITORING 120 Injection moulding machine software monitoring
PERIPHERAL_EXTERNAL_DEVICE_INTERFACE 200 peripheral equipment external device interface
PERIPHERAL_TEMPERATURE_CONTROL_UNIT 201 peripheral equipment temperature control unit
PERIPHERAL_ROBOTICS_SYSTEM 202 peripheral equipment robotics system
PERIPHERAL_LSR 203 peripheral equipment LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber)
PERIPHERAL_STRIPPER_UNIT 204 peripheral equipment stripper unit
PERIPHERAL_DRYER 205 peripheral equipment dryer
PERIPHERAL_CONVEYOR_BELT 206 peripheral equipment conveyor belt
PERIPHERAL_SORTER_UNIT 207 peripheral equipment sorter unit
PERIPHERAL_COLOURING_UNIT 208 peripheral equipment colouring unit
PERIPHERAL_FEEDING 209 peripheral equipment feeding unit
PERIPHERAL_EXTERNAL_ALARMS 210 peripheral equipment external alarms
PERIPHERAL_VACUUM_CONTROL 211 peripheral equipment vacuum control
PERIPHERAL_PRINTER_INTERFACE 212 peripheral equipment printer interface
OPERATION_QUALITY_MONITORING 300 operation quality monitoring
OPERATION_MANUAL_OPERATION 301 operation manual operation
OPERATION_EMERGENCY_STOP 302 operation emergency stop
OPERATION_JOB_STATUS 303 operation production status

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