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ReactionOnDisconnect Variable indicated the used set temperature for the temperature zones in case of a disconnection from the OPC UA client specified by SessionNameForReactionOnDisconnect.

The TypeDefinition for the ReactionOnDisconnect is MultiStateValueDiscreteType, so the Properties EnumValues and ValueAsText shall be filled with the supported values out of Table 9.

Table 9 – Values for ReactionOnDisconnect

EnumValue ValueAsText Description
0 NoReaction Continue use of value which was active before disconnection (default)
1 SwitchOff Switch hot runner off when disconnected
2 FirstSetValue Use of value stored as SetValue
3 SecondSetValue Use of value stored as SecondSetValue
4 Standby Use of value stored as SetStandbyValue

The supported values are related on the provided set temperatures in the HRDTemperatureType. If e.g. value 2 “SecondSetValue” is available, all temperature zones shall provide the variable SecondSetValue. If only some zones have a boost, for the others, the value of SecondSetValue is the same as SetValue. A server can provide manufacturer specific values with EnumValues ≥ 100.

It is possible, that in addition to the processing machine other clients are connected to the server (e.g. MES/data logger). Their disconnection should not create any reaction. Thus, the Variable SessionNameForReactionOnDisconnect contains the sessionName defined in the CreateSession Service (see OPC 10000-4) of the connection with the relevant client.

The values of ReactionOnDisconnect and SessionNameForReactionOnDisconnect are set by calling the Method SetReactionOnDisconnect:


SetReactionOnDisconnect (
[in]	0:UInt16	ReactionOnDisconnect);

Table 10 – SetReactionOnDisconnect Method Arguments

Argument Description
ReactionOnDisconnect EnumValue from Table 9.

Table 11 – SetReactionOnDisconnect Method AddressSpace Definition

Attribute Value        
BrowseName SetReactionOnDisconnect        
References Node Class BrowseName DataType TypeDefinition Modelling Rule
HasProperty Variable InputArguments Argument[] PropertyType Mandatory

Note: It is not neceesary to include the session name explicitly in the method arguments, because it is already known by the server via the existing session information.

It is highly recommended that only one client calls the Method SetReactionOnDisconnect and that no other client overrides the setting.

The default value (no client has called method SetReactionOnDisconnect) for ReactionOnDisconnect is 0 “NoReaction” and an empty string for SessionNameForReactionOnDisconnect.

When the client identified by SessionNameForReactionOnDisconnect is disconnected, ReactionOnDisconnect and SessionNameForReactionOnDisconnect are set back to the default values. After re-connection, the client needs to call SetReactionOnDisconnect again to set the new session name.

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