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This Enumeration specifies the values to be used in the Classification property in the MessageConditionType and related logbook events to indicate which machine part has caused the message. These events are fired by the instance of the ExtrusionDeviceType and are defined in OPC 40083.

Table 3 – ExtrusionMessageClassificationEnumeration Definition

Name Value Description
OTHER 0 This value is used if none of the other entries below apply.
LINE_CONTROL 1 Line control
MATERIAL_HANDLING 2 Material handling (from silo to processing machine)
PRE_HEATING 3 Pre-heating, drying of input material
FEEDING 4 Feeding unit
DOSING 5 Dosing unit
EXTRUDER 6 Extruder
VACUUM_STATION 7 Vacuum station
FILTER 8 Filter
MELT_PUMP 9 Melt pump
DIE 10 Profile die, pipe die, …
COOLING 11 Cooling
HAUL_OFF 12 Haul-off
CORRUGATOR 13 Corrugator
SAW 14 Saw
CALIBRATION 15 Calibration
ROLL_STACK 16 Roll stack
MDO 17 Machine direction orientation
BIAX 18 Biaxial orientation
CUTTING 19 Cutting
WINDER 20 Winder
PELLETIZING 21 Pelletizing
DRYER 22 Drying of product/output material (e.g. after underwater cutting)
HANDLING_SYSTEM 23 Handling system for produced products (e.g. robot stacking profiles)
LAMINATION_SYSTEM 24 Lamination system
MEASURING_SYSTEM 25 Measuring System (e.g. thickness measurement)
QUALITY_SYSTEM 26 Quality system (e.g. camera inspection)
MANUAL_INSPECTION 27 Manual inspection (message generated due to quality input by the operator)
MANUAL_OPERATION 28 Manual operation (message generated due to action of the operator, e.g. changing of machine mode)

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