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The Mode Property provides information, how the throughput of the feeder is controlled.

Table 4 – FeedingModeEnumeration Definition

Name Value Description
ONLY_CONVEYING 0 The throughput is not controlled. The feeder only transports the material (e.g. by screw, conveyor belt) or the material is only falling through a feed opening
OTHER 1 Throughput is controlled, but in another mode than these below
GRAVIMETRIC 2 The throughput is controlled by a gravimetric dosing system.
VOLUMETRIC 3 The throughput is controlled by a volumetric dosing system.
LIQUID 4 The throughput of liquid material is controlled by a pump.
BATCH 5 The throughput is controlled by a batch dosing system.
Note In this case, each material has an own feeder although there is only one physical system.

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