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The recommended state display names for the LocaleId “en” and the State values for all StateMachines defined in this specification are listed in Table B.1

Table B.1 – Recommended display names for LocaleId “en”

StateMachine Browse Name display name State Value
PackMLBaseStateMachineType Cleared Cleared 18
  Aborting Aborting 8
  Aborted Aborted 9
PackMLMachineStateMachineType Run Run 19
  Clearing Clearing 1
  Stopping Stopping 7
  Stopped Stopped 2
PackMLExecuteStateMachineType Resetting Resetting 15
  Idle Idle 4
  Starting Starting 3
  Unsuspending Unsuspending 14
  Suspended Suspended 5
  Suspending Suspending 13
  Execute Execute 6
  Holding Holding 10
  Held Held 11
  Unholding Unholding 12
  Completing Completing 16
  Complete Complete 17

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