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The Figure 14 provides an overview the StateMachines that are part of the model.


Figure 14 - PackML StateMachines Overview

A key point in PackML StateMachines is that all of the StateMachines defined in PackML shall require that the optional AvailableTransition and AvailableStates component of the FiniteStateMachineType be provided on all instance of the StateMachine. This allows Clients to understand the available States and Transitions for the given instance of the StateMachine. A StateMachine may restrict the States and Transition that are currently available. The following figure provides an overview of the PackML States. The Clearing State is commonly the initial sub-state that will be the starting point for the Clear parent state. The Running State commonly will use the Resetting State as the initial state, but not all instance of the Running State sub-state model will include Resetting, so no initial state is defined for the Running State. The only valid initial States for this model is the Idle or Resetting States. This is Server dependant. The initial state for the system is Cleared with the sub state of Clearing. Figure 15 provide an overview of the states and transitions in the StateMachine.


Figure 15 - PackML States

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