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This DataType is an enumeration that represents the NMT State. Its values are defined in Table 23. States with the prefix “NMT_XS” represent a state that is existing for the POWERLINK Controlled Node as well as for the POWERLINK Managing Node. For instance, the states NMT_MS_OPERATIONAL and NMT_CS_OPERATIONAL are both represented by the enumeration value NMT_XS_OPERATIONAL_253.

Table 23 – PowerlinkNMTStateEnumeration Values

Value Description
NMT_GS_INITIALISING_25 first state after power-on of the POWERLINK Device
NMT_GS_RESET_APPLICATION_41 set manufacturer-specific and standardised device profile area to their power-on values
NMT_GS_RESET_COMMUNICATION_57 set communication profile area (except ERR_History_ADOM) to their power-on values
NMT_GS_RESET_CONFIGURATION_121 generate the active device configuration
NMT_XS_NOT_ACTIVE_28 a non-permanent state which allows a starting device to recognise the current network state
NMT_XS_PRE_OPERATIONAL_1_29 the POWERLINK network operates in reduced cycle
NMT_XS_PRE_OPERATIONAL_2_93 the POWERLINK network operates in isochronous operation, but the device is still in a configuration state
NMT_XS_READY_TO_OPERATE_109 the device configuration is completed and the device is ready to switch over to NMT_XS_OPERATIONAL
NMT_XS_OPERATIONAL_253 normal operating state of a POWERLINK Device
NMT_CS_STOPPED_77 the device is largely passive, NMT_CS_STOPPED shall be used for controlled shutdown of a selected CN while the system is still running
NMT_XS_BASIC_ETHERNET_30 Legacy Ethernet   communication according to IEEE 802.3, no POWERLINK specific network traffic control

Its representation in the AddressSpace is defined in Table 24.

Table 24 – PowerlinkNMTStateEnumeration Definition

Attributes Value
BrowseName PowerlinkNMTStateEnumeration
Subtype of Enumeration defined in OPC 10000-5.  

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