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Table 22 shows the mapping between basic data types of both standards.

Table 22 – Mapping of primitive DataTypes

Basic Data Types
OPC UA DataTypes Description
BOOLEAN Boolean 1 Bit
INTEGER8 SByte Signed integer, 8 Bit
INTEGER16 Int16 Signed integer, 16 Bit
INTEGER32 Int32 Signed integer, 32 Bit
INTEGER64 Int64 Signed integer, 64 Bit
UNSIGNED8 Byte Unsigned integer, 8 Bit
UNSIGNED16 UInt16 Unsigned integer, 16 Bit
UNSIGNED32 UInt32 Unsigned integer, 32 Bit
UNSIGNED64 UInt64 Unsigned integer, 64 Bit
REAL32 Float Float, 32 Bit
REAL64 Double Float, 64 Bit
DOMAIN ByteString ByteString with variable size
IP_ADDRESS PowerlinkIpAddressDataType IPV4 Address
OCTET_STRING ByteString ByteString with variable size
VISIBLE_STRING String Variable number bytes interpreted as ISO 646-1973(E) 7-bit coded characters

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