A Server supporting the “Alarms” sub-aspect shall detect the Alarms generated by the Devices (using PROFINET access) and generate GsdGenAlarmEventType Events. The Events are available for Subscription directly at the GsdGenSubmoduleApplicationType Object, as shown in Figure 25.


Figure 25 – Alarms Organization

Servers providing GsdGenAlarmEventType Events shall read the “DiagnosisData” record to obtain the Alarm data. When processing the alarm data, the Server shall look up describing texts and help texts by evaluating the corresponding XML element.

The Server shall evaluate the “ChannelProcessAlarmList” GSDML element and its “ChannelProcessAlarmItem”, “SystemDefinedChannelProcessAlarmItem” and “ProfileChannelProcessAlarmItem” child elements. Figure 26 shows the GSDML structure of the “ChannelProcessAlarmList” child element of the “ApplicationProcess” element (see [GSDML], 8.9.7 ChannelProcessAlarmList).

image030.jpgFigure 26 – ChannelProcessAlarmList diagram