A connection of the PE Energy Management Information Model with the PROFINET model using PESAP Objects as shown in Figure 10 may be provided. The PESAP@PN Object represents the PROFIenergy Entity (PE Entity). A PE Entity comprises all PE Energy Management services accessible through one service access point (SAP). For a PROFINET device, a dedicated submodule is the service access point for the PROFIenergy functionality of one PE Entity. The connection with the PROFINET submodule is provided with a HasAddin Reference.

One device can have more than one service access points thus containing more than one PE Entity.

The ‘Represents’ References pointing to the Standby Management Object, the Energy Measurement Objects and the PowerOff Object allow to browse the PN Submodule representing the PROFIenergy service access point (PESAP) from the PE Energy Management Information Model.

The properties attributed to a specific PE Entity in the PROFIenergy Object model like PROFIenergy version and PROFIenergy class are available through a PESAP Object.

Figure 10 shows that all PE Energy Management Object instances (EnergyStandbyManagementType Object, EnergyMeasurementType Objects and EnergyDevicePowerOffType Object) are connected to a related PESAP Object using Represents References.


Figure 10 – Example of the structure with two PE Entities represented by two submodules