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The Variable specific Attributes of OPC UA Address Space Nodes and their mapping from IEC 61131-3 are defined in Table 33.

Table 33 – Variable Node Attributes

Attribute Use DataType Description
Value Mandatory Defined by DataType The most recent value of the Variable that the server has. Its data type is defined by the DataType, ValueRank and ArrayDimension Attribute.
DataType Mandatory NodeId The DataType of the Variable Value. It defines the type specific content of the Value together with the ValueRank and the ArrayDimension Attributes,
The mapping is defined in 9.2.
ValueRank Mandatory Int32 This Attribute indicates whether the Value of the Variable is an
array and how many dimensions the array has.
Ctrl Variables   declared as scalar type have the ValueRank -1.
Ctrl Variables   declared with the key word ARRAY…OF have a ValueRank that indicates the number of dimension of the array declared for the Ctrl Variable.
ArrayDimensions Optional UInt32[] This Attribute specifies the length of each dimension for an array value. The Attribute is intended to describe the capability of the Variable, not the current size.
The dimension entries have the length defined with the key word ARRAY…OF.
AccessLevel Mandatory Byte The AccessLevel Attribute is used to indicate how the Value of a Variable can be accessed (read/write) and if it contains current and/or historic data.
The handling of access to historic data is server specific and is not part of this specification.
The mapping of the read and write access part of the AccessLevel is defined in 9.3.2
UserAccessLevel Mandatory Byte The user specific settings for the AccessLevel.
MinimumSamplingInterval Optional Duration The MinimumSamplingInterval Attribute indicates how “current” the Value of the Variable will be kept. It specifies (in milliseconds) how fast the server can reasonably sample the value for changes.
A MinimumSamplingInterval of 0 indicates that the server is to monitor the item continuously.
A MinimumSamplingInterval of -1 means indeterminate.
The value of this Attribute is server specific.
Historizing Mandatory Boolean Indicates if the server is currently collecting history for the Variable Value. The support of value history is server specific.

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