The use cases covered in this version are listed in Table 8. These use cases can be broken into Telemetric and Asset Management categories. Telemetric use cases publish dynamic data e.g. to a cloud application for remote monitoring. Asset Management use cases require client server interaction with the information model typically for on-premises applications.

Table 8 - Device Information Model Use Cases

Use Case


NOA: Device Health / Remote Diagnostics

Monitoring of the device health including status, possible cause and further details.

NOA: DeviceLifecycle / Storage

Storing of NOA device parameters including their history.

NOA: Dimensioning design check (for sensors & actuators)

Monitor devices over time for their operating range and verify, if their dimensioning is appropriate (e.g. not over dimensioned).

NOA: Unique Identification

Identify a device including Manufacturer, Model, SerialNumber, Hardware and Software Revision, Product Code and AssetID (Tag for Device).

NOA: Automated as Build

Verify that the installed devices and their configurations match with the engineered devices and configurations.

NOA: Multivariable Read

Read the process variables from multivariable devices.

Use cases define the content of this Device Information Model. NAMUR Open Architecture (NE175) defines uses cases with parameters, names and semantic ids, which are an important input for the definition of the PA-DIM. Additional details about these uses cases can be found in the NAMUR descriptions found on their web site referenced in Section 2. In future revisions of this specification further parameters can be added to fulfil additional requirements or to cover additional use cases (see Annex B).