Implicit in the Device lifecycle is the notion that Devices and Composites will be physically delivered to different actors. The transfers of physical control that may occur are shown in Figure 3.


Figure 3 – Possible Transfers of Physical Control

In many cases, the Distributor belongs to the same organization as the Manufacturer or CompositeBuilder. Similarly, the Integrator and the OwnerOperator may be the same organization.

When a transfer of physical control occurs, the supplier ships the equipment (a Device or Composite) and an electronic Ticket (see 6) that describes the equipment. The receiver may use the Ticket to authenticate the origin of the equipment using the mechanisms defined in this standard or save it so it can be provided when the equipment is transferred to another actor.

While an actor has physical control, the actor may Install, Provision, Configure or Operate (see Table 2) the equipment. For example, if an actor (e.g., a CompositeBuilder) makes changes to a Device and then transfers this Device to another actor (e.g., an OwnerOperator) then those changes may restrict what the new owner is able to do, i.e., CompositeBuilder may install an Application used for maintenance that the OwnerOperator cannot access.

The workflows (see 4.3) describe this process in more detail.