This building block provides the information, how long a MachineryItem is turned on and how long it performed an activity. It uses the 2:IOperationCounterType interface and the predefined functional group 2:OperationCounters defined in OPC 10000-100.

In Figure 19, an example of a machine providing that information is given. The MachineryOperationCounterType defined in 14.2 implements the 2:IOperationCounterType interface and provides the 2:PowerOnDuration and 2:OperationDuration Properties. The X:SpecificMachineType provides the building block in its MachineryBuildingBlocks folder using the default name 2:OperationCounters. In this case, the X:SpecificMachineType also references the building block directly (like 2:Identification), in order to simplify the usage for Clients purely developed based on OPC 10000-100. It is recommended to provide this reference, but not required from perspective of this specification.


Figure 19 – Example of Building Block for Operation Counter

In Figure 20, an example of a machine and a component of the machine, both providing operation counters, is given. This example leaves out any other building blocks like identification or domain-specific organizations. Like the machine, also the component provides the operation counters.


Figure 20 – Example of Building Block for Operation Counter including a component