This building block provides the capabilities to globally uniquely identify a Machineand have access to vendor-defined information about the Machineand manage user-specific information for the identification of the Machine. Figure 7gives an overview. The Interface IMachineryItemVendorNameplateTypeand the ObjectType MachineryItemIdentificationTypeare generic ObjectTypesintroduced to be used in other use cases. The AddIn MachineIdentificationTypewith the default name “2:Identification” (as defined in OPC 10000-100), is derived from the MachineryItemIdentificationTypeand thus indirectly from the 2:FunctionalGroupTypeand implements the interfaces IMachineVendorNameplateTypeand IMachineTagNameplateType. IMachineVendorNameplateTypeis a subtype of IMachineryItemVendorNameplateTypeand thus indirectly from the 2:IVendorNameplateTypedefined in OPC 10000-100. IMachineryItemVendorNameplateTyperefines the usage of the Propertiesdefined in 2:IVendorNameplateType, changes some to Mandatoryand defines additional Properties. IMachineVendorNameplateType uses those definitions and makes another Propertymandatory. IMachineTagNameplateType is a subtype of the 2:ITagNameplateTypedefined in OPC 10000-100 and refines the usage of the Propertiesdefined in that interface, and defines an additional Property.


Figure 7– Building Block for Identification and Nameplate