In Figure 4, an example of applying the device values in a machine is given, providing all information defined in this specification. The X:MyMachine Object contains a X:Sensor1 in its 4:Components folder. The X:Sensor1 provides identification information and health status. In addition, it contains two process values, X:Temperature and X:Pressure. Those Objects can be referenced from other paths as well, like the X:Monitoring Object of X:MyMachine. The X:Pressure Object contains various capabilities like the 3:ZeroPointAdjustment Method, DeviationAlarm, and the 3:AnalogSignal containing the process value. This Variable contains various sub-variables with meta data for ranges and unit, deviation etc.


Figure 4 – Example applying Device Values with all information

In Figure 5, an example is given using the base infrastructure defined in this specification to provide process values. In this case, no device information or the optional information is given, the X:MyMachine just provided some process values under the X:Monitoring Object.


Figure 5 – Example applying Device Values with base information