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This enumeration contains possible states of the EDM spark generator.

The enumeration is defined in Table 88.

Table 88 – EDMGeneratorState EnumValues Fields

Name Value Description
Undefined 0 The EDM spark generator state cannot be indicated.
Ready 1 Generator is initialized and can receive a set of technology parameters.
Active_Low_Voltage 2 Generator is switched on and is supplying pulses respecting the low voltage (≤ 25 V AC or ≤ 60 V DC) requirements of safety standard (ISO 28881).
Active_High_Voltage 3 Generator is switched on and is supplying pulse at high voltage (> 25 V AC or > 60 V DC).
Error 4 Generator is in an error state.

Its representation in the AddressSpace is defined in Table 89.

Table 89 – EDMGeneratorState Definition

Attribute Value
BrowseName EDMGeneratorState
IsAbstract False

Subtype of the Enumeration type defined in OPC 10000-3

References NodeClass BrowseName DataType TypeDefinition Other
0:HasProperty Variable 0:EnumValues 0:EnumValueType [] 0:PropertyType  

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