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p {padding:0px; margin:0px;}   An XML container used to organize information for lower level elements representing functional sub-systems that provide supplementary or extended capabilities for a piece of equipment, but they are not required for the basic operation of the equipment.

The representation of the AuxiliariesType ObjectType in the address space is shown in the following table:

Name Attribute
NodeId ns=1;i=2076
BrowseName AuxiliariesType
NodeClass ObjectType
IsAbstract False
SubtypeOf MTComponentType

The references from the AuxiliariesType ObjectType Node are shown in the following table:

Reference NodeClass BrowseName DataType TypeDefinition ModellingRule
HasSubtype ObjectType BarFeederType      
HasSubtype ObjectType EnvironmentalType      
HasSubtype ObjectType LoaderType      
HasSubtype ObjectType SensorType      
HasSubtype ObjectType ToolingDeliveryType      
HasSubtype ObjectType WasteDisposalType