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Represents the \mtmodel{coordinateSystem} attribute of the MTConnect \gls{MTDataItem}. It is a reference system that associates a unique set of n parameters with each point in an n-dimensional space. Ref: ISO 10303-218:2004.

The fields of the MTCoordinateSystemType DataType are defined in the following table:

|Name|Value| Description| |—|—|—| |MACHINE|0|An unchangeable coordinate system that has machine zero as its origin.| |WORK|1| The coordinate system that represents the working area for a particular workpiece whose origin is shifted within the machine coordinate system. If the work coordinates are not currently defined in the piece of equipment, the machine coordinates will be used. .|

The representation of the MTCoordinateSystemType DataType in the address space is shown in the following table:

Name Attribute
NodeId ns=1;i=2635
BrowseName MTCoordinateSystemType
IsAbstract False
SubtypeOf Enumeration

The references from the MTCoordinateSystemType DataType Node are shown in the following table:

Reference NodeClass BrowseName DataType TypeDefinition ModellingRule
HasProperty Variable EnumStrings LocalizedText[] PropertyType Mandatory