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The definition of a standard MDIS Valve Object.

The representation of the MDISValveObjectType ObjectType in the address space is shown in the following table:

Name Attribute
NodeId ns=1;i=794
BrowseName MDISValveObjectType
NodeClass ObjectType
IsAbstract False
SubtypeOf MDISBaseObjectType

The references from the MDISValveObjectType ObjectType Node are shown in the following table:

Reference NodeClass BrowseName DataType TypeDefinition ModellingRule
HasComponent Variable Position ValvePositionEnum BaseDataVariableType Mandatory
HasComponent Variable CommandRejected Boolean BaseDataVariableType Optional
HasComponent Variable SignatureRequestStatus SignatureStatusEnum BaseDataVariableType Optional
HasComponent Variable LastCommand CommandEnum BaseDataVariableType Optional
HasComponent Variable NonDefeatableOpenInterlock Boolean BaseDataVariableType Optional
HasComponent Variable DefeatableOpenInterlock Boolean BaseDataVariableType Optional
HasComponent Variable NonDefeatableCloseInterlock Boolean BaseDataVariableType Optional
HasComponent Variable DefeatableCloseInterlock Boolean BaseDataVariableType Optional
HasComponent Method Move     Mandatory
HasInterlock Variable <InterlockPlaceholder> Boolean InterlockVariableType OptionalPlaceholder
HasProperty Variable OpenTimeDuration Duration PropertyType Optional
HasProperty Variable CloseTimeDuration Duration PropertyType Optional
HasSignature Object <ValveSignature>   FileType OptionalPlaceholder



        [in]  CommandEnum Direction
        [in]  Boolean OverrideInterlock
        [in]  SEMEnum SEM
        [in]  Boolean Signature
        [in]  Boolean ShutdownRequest
Argument Description
Direction The enumeration indicates whether the command is to open the valve or to close the valve
OverrideInterlock Boolean indicating if the open or close command should override any defeat able interlocks
SEM The selection of which SEM to send the command to.
Signature Boolean indicating if a profile should be generated by this move command request.
ShutdownRequest Boolean indicates that this command is a shutdown move command.