This section introduces the "OPC UA Information Model for Laser Systems“.

The structure of the model is inspired by the OPC 40501-1 Information Model for Machine Tools. An instance representation can be seen in Figure 6. Each instance of the LaserSystemType is representative of an individual laser system. All information regarding this one laser system is topically structured in five objects:

The first object is of the MachineryComponentIdentificationType and is used to identify the individual laser system.

The second object is the folder with all of the used MachineryBuildingBlocks which are used in the entire model. Its presence is required by the OPC 40001-1, in order to easily identify these blocks in different servers.

The third object is of the LaserSystemMonitoringType (see chapter 7.2), it structures all status and monitoring information of an individual laser system.

The fourth object is of the LaserSystemProductionType (see chapter 7.4) it aggregates production related information.

The fifth object is used to structure information regarding errors, warnings and notifications, it is also used to indicate to be executed maintenance activities (see chapter 7.3).


Figure 6 – Instance Example for the OPC UA information model for Laser System