The example is a pick and place unit. It consists of 3 processing stations (one boring and one honing) and a delta robot transporting the product between them. The top level OPC UA server is illustrated in Figure 31. There is the pick and place station (ProductionPlantOvGU object) containing the components asset, asset identification, boring etc. AssetIdentification represents the pick and place unit as a whole.

Boring and honing are the submodels of the related boring and honing component.


Figure 31 – Example pick and place station with subcomponents boring and honing

Figure 32 shows the submodel elements of the submodel honing. These are e.g. cutting pressure, dimension accuracy.


Figure 32 – Example pick and place station – submodel honing

Each submodel element has a reference to its semantic description in the concept description. This is shown as HasDictionaryEntry in Figure 33. For this particular example the linear velocity property has the semanticId (mapped to HasDictionaryEntry in the OPC UA model) as URI I this case


Figure 33 – Example pick and place station – property with concept description reference

The concept description collects all elements which are referenced by the HasDictionaryEntry as shown in Figure 34. The identifiers can be IRDIs (e.g. eCl@ss 0173-1#01-AAS014) URI/IRIs as mention above and custom specific once (not shown in the figure 35).


Figure 34 – Example pick and place station – concept description elements

Behind each property in the concept description there is the data specification according to the standard IEC 61360 which defines the necessary attributes for each property (Figure 35).


Figure 35 – Example pick and place station – data specification of concept description

Figure 36 shows a Package Explorer screen shot showing the details of the ManufacturerName property of the pick and place AssetIdentification submodel. Some attribute are visible at the right side of the figure. The above mentioned semanticId mapped to HasDictionaryEntry is visible in the lower part of the figure.


Figure 36 – Example pick and place station – package explorer view