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Use Case Get Device Diagnostic Information  
Description A software or user requests diagnostic information (context specific diagnostic information) from a physical device. The OPC UA client collects this information by reading device diagnostic information provided according to the OPC UA DI information model.  
Used by    
Preconditions    Device node is available in OPC UA Server   Device is connected to the OPC UA Server (means online or only somehow accessible?)Use case B.2 (List Topology)  
Post conditions Maintenance or asset manager can derive actions  
Actors Engineer, Expert, Observer, Maintenance Manager, Asset Manager, Operator  
Trigger Status of device is not Good. This information is provided by: Use case B5 or by alarms  
  Step Action
  1 OPC Client User opens UI of the device
  2 User requests diagnostic data of the device
  3 OPC client requests diagnostic data of the device from the OPC server
  4 OPC server gets diagnostic data from the DTM
  5 OPC server sends the diagnostic data to the client, displaying the data on the UI
Notes According to FDT2.0 the expectation is, that the DTM provides the parameters for device specific diagnostic within one group of parameters.  
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