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Use Case Get Device Status  
Description    DTM can provide the NE107 status as the device status by the next procedure.   Reading the data from the device parameters which express the device status or the results of the diagnosis of the device.Calculating the bits and mapping to the NE107 status definition.  
Stakeholder Mass Configuration  
Preconditions Client connected to OPC Server.  
Post conditions OPC Client can display NE107 status as the device status.  
Actors Engineer, Expert, Observer, Plant Asset Manager  
Trigger Whenever a user needs the device status information of the device.  
  Step Action
  2 User triggers to retrieve device status of a device in OPC Client.
  3 OPC Client requests to get the diagnosis parameter/s of a device to OPC Server.
  4 OPC Server retrieves the device status from the DTM
  5 DTM reads the value of the diagnosis parameter/s of a device and calculates the status
  8 OPC Client displays the NE107 status of the device.
Exceptions Step 4, No diagnosis parameter/s are defined, if the DTM does not support to retrieve the diagnosis parameter/s.  
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