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Use Case List Topology  
Description    The OPC UA client shows the topology in a hierarchical tree to the user. The tree is provided by an OPC UA server for FDT OPC Information Model. If the OPC UA server supports a network topology, it is provided according to the ‘Device Integration Host Model’ defined in OPC UA DI.  
Preconditions Topology is available in OPC UA Server  
Post conditions User can see the topology in a hierarchy  
Actors Engineer, Expert, Observer  
Trigger Whenever a user needs a list of devices for further access  
  Step Action
  1 User triggers connect from OPC Client to OPC Server
  2 User starts browsing from node 2:DeviceTopology
  3 OPC Client displays the topology to the user
Requirements User has access permissions to the server  
Notes    Network/communication topologyPhysical topology  
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