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The information provided by a DTM with IFunction.FunctionInfo and IData.DataInfo is mapped into the MethodSet and to the ParameterSet. For both types of information (Commands and Parameters) also references in FunctionalGroup nodes are created, so that an OPC Client may represent a joint user interface (see Figure 13).

The BrowseName and DisplayName of the FunctionalGroup-Nodes are based on the grouping in IFunction.FunctionInfo (FunctionGroup) and IData.DataInfo (DataGroup).

Information about IO signals are provided in a folder ProcessDataSet, which contains FdtIoSignalInfoType nodes. FdtIoSignalInfoType nodes are referenced by the corresponding FdtParameter nodes.

readme_files/image016.png Figure 13 – Example for sources of TopologyType information

OPC FDT      
BrowseName Interface Method Data member Description
ParameterSet IInstanceData / IDeviceData <>GetDataInfo DataInfo.DeviceDataItems DeviceDataItems is a hierarchical list of data items that represent different types of data items. In the ParameterSet only AccessibleData and StructDataGroup shall be represented (see 12.2.7). The flat list of parameters is constructed from the hierarchical list where duplicates must be removed.
MethodSet IFunction FunctionInfo FunctionInfo.FunctionItems FunctionItems provides a hierarchical list of functions that are supported by the DTM. Only functions without user interface (CommandFunction) shall be represented in the MethodSet (see 12.2.6).
ProcessDataSet IProcessData <>GetProcessData ProcessDataInfo.ProcessDataItems ProcessDataItems provides a list of process data supported by the device. The FdtSignalInfo objects are referenced by the respective parameter objects (in the online device).
<GroupIdentifier> IInstanceData / IDeviceData <>GetDataInfo DataInfo.DeviceDataItems The hierarchical list provided through DeviceDataItems is mapped to a tree of FunctionalGroups. The strings used for the placeholder <GroupIdentifier> are defined by the names of the DataGroups.
Identification       The contents of the FunctionalGroup is defined in 12.2.5.
Lock       (defined in UA Devices)

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