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OPC UA for Devices and FDT use different approaches in regard to representation of device type specific data. Some of the data defined in OPC UA for representation of the device type is available only in instance-specific data of the DTMs (see Figure 12).

The data from FDT may be mapped either to Attributes (table header “Attribute”) or to properties and other child Nodes (table header “BrowseName”) of the corresponding OPC UA Node.

readme_files/image015.png Figure 12 – Example for sources of DeviceType information

For this reason the device type specific data of OPC is mapped to data on several interfaces of the DTM (see Table 58). Mapping for DeviceType (“Types” standard Object) ToC

All device types provided by DTMs in IDtmInformation shall be represented as subtypes of FdtDeviceType in the “Types” standard Object (see Table 58).

OPC FDT      
Attribute Interface Method Data member Description
BrowseName IDtmInformation <>GetSupportedTypes DeviceTypeInfo.Name  
DisplayName IDtmInformation <>GetSupportedTypes DeviceTypeInfo.Name  
BrowseName Interface Method Data member Description
2:SerialNumber       Mapping for online device only, see Table 61
2:RevisionCounter       Not supported. Value is always set to -1
2:Manufacturer IDtmInformation <>GetSupportedTypes DeviceTypeInfo.ProductManufacturerName  
ManufacturerId IDtmInformation GetDeviceIdentInfo DeviceIdentInfo.ManufacturerId  
2:Model IDtmInformation <>GetSupportedTypes DeviceTypeInfo.ProductName  
2:DeviceManual       All documents will be provided in folder Documentation
2:DeviceRevision IDtmInformation <>GetSupportedTypes DeviceTypeInfo.ProductRevision  
2:SoftwareRevision IDtmInformation GetDeviceIdentInfo DeviceIdentInfo.SoftwareRevision  
2:HardwareRevision IDtmInformation GetDeviceIdentInfo DeviceIdentInfo.HardwareRevision  
2:DeviceClass(O) IDtmInformation <>GetSupportedTypes DeviceTypeInfo.DeviceClassifications[0].DomainId + “:” + DeviceTypeInfo.DeviceClassifications[0].Id The value is a concatenation of the enumeration member names for DomainId and Id.
DeviceTypeId IDtmInformation <>GetSupportedTypes DeviceTypeInfo.Id  
2:ManufacturerUri(O)       Not supported.
2:ProductCode(O)       Not supported.
2:ProductInstanceUri(O)       Not supported.
<CP_Identifier>(O) IDtmInformation <>GetSupportedTypes    TypeInfo.BusCategories[].Category¬Type == required   (<Identifier> = TypeInfo.BusCategories[].Protocol¬Name HasComponent-reference of type RequiredProtocol.
     IDtmInformation   IChannels    <>GetSupportedTypes   IChannels.CommunicationChannels    TypeInfo.BusCategories[].Category¬Type == supported   (<Identifier> = CommunicationChannelItem.Id    HasComponent-reference of type SupportedProtocol.If one Channel requires multiple protocols, multiple connection points are provided, an additional number is concatenated to the channel id.
0:Icon IDtmInformation GetFdtIcon() Icon see explanation below the table
Applied from IFdtDeviceHealthType        
2:DeviceHealth       Mapping for online device only, see Table 61
2:DeviceHealthAlarms(O) - - - No mapping defined.
OPC FDT      
BrowseName Interface Method Data member Description
Applied from IFdtSupportInfoType        
2:DeviceTypeImage(O)       This folder will contain items as defined in
2:Documentation (O) IDtmInformation <>GetSupportedTypes DeviceTypeInfo.Documents This folder will contain items that represent the shown FDT data member as defined in 7.3
2:ProtocolSupport (O) INetworkData GetNetworkDataInfo NetworkData. DeviceInformationDocuments This folder will be provided as defined in
2:ImageSet(O)       Not supported.

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