This optional localized string provides status and error information for the update. This may be used whenever a long running update activity can provide detailed information to the user or when a state machine wants to provide error information to the user.

A Server may provide any text it wants to show to the operator of the software update. Important texts are the error messages in case anything went wrong, and the installation or preparation could not complete. These messages should explain what happened and how the operator could resolve the issue (e.g. “try again with a different version”). During preparation and installation, it is good practice to inform the operators about the current action to keep them patient and waiting for the completion. Also, if the installation gets stuck this text would help to find out the reason.

The UpdateStatus may be used together with the PrepareForUpdateStateMachineType (8.4.8), the InstallationStateMachineType (8.4.9) and for CachedLoadingType (8.4.5), DirectLoadingType (8.4.4) and FileSystemLoadingType (8.4.6) it may be used during the transfer of the Software Package.