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The MaxInactiveLockTime Property shall be added to the ServerCapabilities Object (see OPC 10000-5).

It contains a Server-specific period of time in milliseconds until which the Server will revoke the lock. The Server will initiate a timer based on this time as part of processing the InitLock request. Calling the RenewLock Method as well as other Service calls from the Client for the locked element shall reset the timer. The lock will never be disabled during execution of a Service that requires a lock.

Inactivity for MaxInactiveLockTime will trigger a timeout. As a result the Server will release the lock.

A timeout shall not cancel any already executing Services like Write.

The MaxInactiveLockTime Property is formally defined in Table 56.

Table 56 – MaxInactiveLockTime Property definition

References NodeClass BrowseName DataType TypeDefinition ModellingRule
HasProperty Variable MaxInactiveLockTime Duration PropertyType Mandatory

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