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This ObjectType represents the logical interface of a Device to a Network. A specific subtype shall be defined for each protocol. Figure 23 shows the ConnectionPointType including some specific types.

readme_files/image025.png Figure 23 – Example of ConnectionPointType hierarchy

A Device can have more than one such interface to the same or to different Networks. Different interfaces usually exist for different protocols. Figure 24 shows the ConnectionPointType components. It is formally defined in Table 38.

readme_files/image026.png Figure 24 – ConnectionPointType

Table 38 – ConnectionPointType definition

Attribute Value
BrowseName ConnectionPointType
IsAbstract True

Subtype of the TopologyElementType defined in 5.2.

References NodeClass BrowseName DataType TypeDefinition ModellingRule
HasComponent Object NetworkAddress   FunctionalGroupType Mandatory
HasComponent Object <ProfileIdentifier>   ProtocolType MandatoryPlaceholder
ConnectsTo Object <NetworkIdentifier>   NetworkType    OptionalPlaceholder

ConnectionPoints are components of a Device, represented by a subtype of ComponentType. To allow navigation from a Network to the connected Devices, the ConnectionPoints shall have the inverse Reference (ComponentOf) to the Device.

ConnectionPoints have Properties and other components that they inherit from the TopologyElementType.

The NetworkAddress FunctionalGroup includes all Parameters needed to specify the protocol-specific address information of the connected Device. These Parameters may be components of the NetworkAddress FunctionalGroup, of the ParameterSet, or another Object.

<ProfileIdentifier> identifies the Communication Profile that this ConnectionPoint supports. ProtocolType and Communication Profile are defined in 6.2. It implies that this ConnectionPoint can be used to connect Networks and Devices of the same Communication Profile.

ConnectionPoints are between a Network and a Device. The location in the topology is configured by means of the ConnectsTo ReferenceType. Figure 25 illustrates some usage models.

readme_files/image027.png Figure 25 – ConnectionPoint usage

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