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The DeviceSet Object is the starting point to locate Devices. It shall either directly or indirectly reference all instances of a subtype of ComponentType with a Hierarchical Reference. For complex Devices that are composed of various components that are also Devices, only the root instance shall be referenced from the DeviceSet Object. The components of such complex Devices shall be locatable by following Hierarchical References from the root instance. An example is the Modular Device defined in 9.4 and also illustrated in Figure 15.


  • UA Server represents a monolithic or modular Device: DeviceSet only contains one instance
  • UA Server represents a host system that has access to a number of Devices that it manages: DeviceSet contains several instances that the host provides access to.
  • UA Server represents a gateway Device that acts as representative for Devices that it has access to: DeviceSet contains the gateway Device instance and instances for the Devices that it represents.
  • UA Server represents a robotic system consisting of mechanics and controls. DeviceSet only contains the instance for the root of the robotic system. The mechanics and controls are represented by ComponentType instances which are organised as sub-components of the root instance. Figure 15 shows the AddressSpace organisation with this standard entry point and examples.

readme_files/image017.png Figure 15 – Standard entry point for Devices

The DeviceSet Node is formally defined in Table 28.

Table 28 – DeviceSet definition

Attribute Value
BrowseName DeviceSet

OrganizedBy by the Objects Folder defined in OPC 10000-5

References NodeClass BrowseName TypeDefinition
HasTypeDefinition ObjectType BaseObjectType  

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