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This chapter includes the list of tables containing the Object Types related to the DEXPI classes. The “Association to” notes for the object types are capturing non-hierarchical associations present in the DEXPI UML model, they are mentioned in this way so that information is somehow transferred to the OPC UA specification and not lost.

Figure 11 shows as an example the basic relationships of the EquipmentType up to the BaseObjectType of the OPC UA specification and down to the PumpType and specific pump categories with examples of pump instances as OPC UA objects.

readme_files/image015.jpg Figure 11 – Example of the connection between the DEXPI OPC UA specification to the basic OPC UA BaseObject type and an example of pump OPC UA object instances.

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Base object type, parent for all DEXPI Object types

Attribute Value
BrowseName BaseDEXPIObjectType
IsAbstract True

Subtype of BaseObjectType

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