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A UADP DataSetMessage header shall consist of the following fields according to this header layout:

  • MessageSequenceNumber
  • Timestamp
  • Status
  • MinorVersion Additional remarks:

  • Fields can use any encoding
  • All types of DataSetMessages (Data Key Frame, Data Delta Frame, Event, etc.) are supported The DataSetMessage header layout is shown in Figure C.10


Figure C.10 : UADP DataSetMessage header layout

Table C.11 shows the configuration for the DataSetMessage header.

Table C.11 : UADP DataSetMessage header layout

Name Type Description
DataSetFlags1 Byte Bit 0: Indicates whether this DataSetMessage is valid
Bit range 1-2: Field Encoding
   <anything> Bit 3: DataSetMessageSequenceNumber enabled
Bit 4: Status enabled
Bit 5: ConfigurationVersionMajorVersion disabled
Bit 6: ConfigurationVersionMinorVersion enabled
Bit 7: DataSetFlags2 enabled
DataSetFlags2 Byte Bit range 0-3: UADP DataSetMessage type
Bit 4: Timestamp enabled
Bit 5: PicoSeconds disabled (not included in the DataSetMessage header)
DataSetMessageSequenceNumber UInt16 Defined by Table 82
Timestamp UtcTime Defined by Table 82
StatusCode UInt16 Defined by Table 82
MinorVersion VersionTime Defined by Table 82

Table C.12 defines the values for the configuration parameters representing this layout.

Table C.12 : Values for configuration parameters

Parameter Value
UadpDataSetMessageContentMask 0x00000035

This value results of the following options:
Bit 0: Timestamp enabled
Bit 2: Status enabled
Bit 4: MinorVersion enabled
Bit 5: SequenceNumber enabled
DataSetFieldContentMask <anything>

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