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The recommended state display names for the LocaleId “en” are listed in Table A.1 and Table A.2

Table A.1 – Recommended state names for LocaleId “en”

Condition Type State Variable False State Name True State Name
ConditionType EnabledState Disabled Enabled
DialogConditionType DialogState Inactive Active
AckedState Unacknowledged Acknowledged
  ConfirmedState Unconfirmed Confirmed
AlarmConditionType ActiveState Inactive Active
  SuppressedState Unsuppressed Suppressed
  OutOfServiceState In Service Out of Service
  SilenceState Silenced Not Silenced
  LatchedState Latched Unlatched
NonExclusiveLimitAlarmType HighHighState HighHigh inactive HighHigh active
  HighState High inactive High active
  LowState Low inactive Low active
  LowLowState LowLow inactive LowLow active

Table A.2 – Recommended display names for LocaleId “en”

Condition Type Browse Name display name
Shelved Unshelved Unshelved
  TimedShelved Timed Shelved
  OneShotShelved One Shot Shelved
Exclusive HighHigh HighHigh
  High High
  Low Low
  LowLow LowLow

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